Roma states that unless he gets £40,000 on welfare and scrap metal in two years he will steal maybe

Yes it is isn’t it and you the working people of this country are paying part of your wages each month to help Mr Lazer build a beautiful house and have a lovely lifestyle back in Romania when he’s done with enriching us.

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Housing Minister welcomed to Rugby

Rugby’s MP Mark Pawsey welcomed the Housing Minister Kris Hopkins MP to Rugby last week to show him the town’s much lauded approach to building the homes working local families need.
Mark said: “I was delighted to welcome the Housing Minister to Rugby in order that he could see first-hand the good things we are doing here to build new homes for working local people.

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Surrey County Council pay rise shows ‘contempt for WORKING families’

Surrey County Council has shown “contempt for working families” after Conservative councillors awarded themselves a 60% pay rise, a government minister says.
“It is deeply concerning that the county council has chosen to act in a way which has not only prompted the resignation of their entire independent remuneration panel, but shows contempt for the working families of the area who pay their council tax.

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