Do these caring parents deserve to go to prison?

“I’m working and trying to do the best for my daughter. I simply saw it as a chance for her to have some fun while she could still walk, rather than waiting until after the operation that might leave her in a wheelchair.”

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Tougher immigration controls pushed at Westminster by Lincolnshire MP Stephen Phillips

At Westminster on Monday, he said to MP and minister Karen Bradley: “The simple fact of the matter, as my hon. Friend knows, is that the last Government totally underestimated both the number of migrants from newly entered countries who have made their way to the United Kingdom and the impact of that on the tolerance of ordinary, working British people when it comes to immigration.

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5 reasons Labour can never be trusted with the economy again

  1. They were responsible for Britain’s longest and deepest recession since the War – making working taxpayers poorer and less financially secure. (Source: Office for National Statistics, Quarterly National Accounts)
  2. Unemployment increased by nearly half a million under Labour – with hundreds of thousands of families left without the security of a pay packet. (ONS, Labour Market Statistics, Table A02)
  3. The number of people claiming unemployment benefit rose by 82 per cent between 2005 and 2010 – under Labour, our economy did not deliver for those who wanted to work and play by the rules. (ONS, Labour Market Statistics, Table CLA01)
  4. They left 292,000 more young people unemployed than when they came into office – a rise of 45%. (ONS, Labour Market Statistics)
  5. They left Britain with the biggest budget deficit in our peacetime history – with working taxpayers forced to pick up the tab for Labour’s reckless spending. (ONS, Public Sector Finances)

The facts are clear: Labour wrecked the economy and failed working taxpayers.

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